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Welcome and Introduction to "Video Games as Art"


Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. I'm Wrong Hero (probably not my real name). Inside you'll find reviews and critiques on the artistic aspects of video games that I'm currently playing as well as my thoughts on everyday gaming culture. My reviews will focus primarily on the art, music, story, and overall presentation of the game from a layman's perspective, but I will also inevitably address gameplay and the user experience.

The purpose of this blog is to help bring forward the less-publicized aspects of gaming. Video games can be beautiful, immersive, and share powerful narratives. But these are not the first descriptors that come to mind when the subject of video games is brought up. Music, visual art, and written word are all undisputed examples of potential art. When you combine the three, you get a movie, which, again, can be classified as art. When the user experience is added, this should elevate the medium even further beyond - but instead w…

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